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Does the session come with mixing?

Recording comes with a quality pre mix as the engineer tracks the session. If you would like a full radio quality mix and master you'll have to book that service separately from a normal recording session.

How much does a recording session cost?

Our rooms start at $60/hr. The Hornets room (Studio B) and The "Panthers Room" (Studio C) are both $60/hr. We offer package deals on 8 or more hour blocks. Our top room "The Spaceship" is $100/hr and also has package deals at 6 or more hours. All rooms have a 2/hr minimum for booking.

Do you have beats?

There are several talented in house producers at compound. We have a catalogue of beats on request if artists need production. We also offer custom beat services. Contact us for more information.

Can I Bring My Own Engineer?

Our rooms can be booked without an engineer for a lower rate. Rooms can also be booked for listening sessions or production sessions. Contact us for such sessions.

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